I hope your doggies like to walk! Doggie day care with me is action packed and full on.

Your darling dog will spend the whole day with me going on 2/3 walks spending the day playing, swimming, exploring and meeting lots of new friends as well as being reacquainted with old ones as well!

The Day care experience, your four legged family member will be picked up around 10/10:30am and go on 2/3 one hour walks and join me for all of my pick up and drop offs. They will have lots of treats to keep them attentive and of course water throught the day, to to forget the cuddles!

With day cares, your doggie will get lots of exercise and come home nice and relaxed, ready for their dinner. Drop home time is usually around 4/5pm but sometimes later if I have an evening walk. 


Double walk - Day care
(includes two 1 hour walks)