People often ask me what to feed their dogs, where to get them groomed, what vets I recommend... On this page, you will find a list of pet care professionals that I think you'll love! 

Vets - - I use Hills for my Kitty Willow, they have always been fab and i have also taken some of my doggies there for their mummy's and daddie's when they can't. - Arc vets were super with my stunning girl Ruby, when she was getting very old. They gave her the best care and treated her with the dignity and respect  an old lady should get. They were wonderful when it was time to say goodbye, and showed her so much love and kindness. They were also wonderful  with me and my partner. That kindness and consideration you will never forget. Little note - The only reason i don't use them at the moment, is because it's all to soon after losing my long legs Ruby. - Andy was amazing with Ruby. He comes to your house and is so calm and caring. I know acupuncture really worked for Ruby, and i would hands down recommend Andy. I couldn't have done without him and most of all Ruby was so much more comfortable after her sessions with him. 

Grooming - -   I always recommend Jo to all my four legged customers. Lots of my doggies have there spa days at Jo's. Jo is very sweet and has a lovely set up in her back garden. I love the fact the dogs can run around and wait for their pampering . Again Jo has groomed Ruby and was really gentle and respectful of her age. She  really looked after her when she couldn't stand for long periods.  Jo sometimes helps me out with walks and daycare too.