My first entry!

The sun is out for one day only!!! Well that’s what feels like any-way!! One day ‘hoo-ray’ and the next ‘damn it!!’

This weather is confusing me!! Do I wear shorts or thermals? (That’s right guys it’s a dog’s life – so many decisions to make!!!) 

Last week on Friday we all nearly got washed away, and I found myself following the dogs under a tree (not like that!) and yes, even the doggies were looking at me thinking, ‘what are we doing here?’ and ‘why have you done this to us?!!’ And today it was too hot even for a 'coldie' like me (not that I am complaining at all, it’s just I had about 8 layers on!)
Funny story of the day comes from the paws of Barney, there we were, having a lovely walk when he spotted the pond!! He makes a beeline for the pond and an unassuming duck whose relaxing swim is interrupted by the Barnster (who never had a chance of catching the duck – but don’t tell Barney that!). There I was starting to worry more for Barney when he makes his way back and jumps all over me, giving me a pond bath in the process... I wish I had those waterproofs now!!! 

Bless him he looked super happy ☺ I just thought it was very funny, like a day at the sea side, but with no sand or ice cream just murky water and a dirty pond smell!

Welcome to my blog

Hi, as you may already know my name is Lucy, I am a north London dog walker and I love it!

I invite you to come and read my blog. I will be telling funny stories about my weeks walks with your loveable pooches and keeping you up to date on any local news I hear on the treat-vine!
I am sure it will not be Shakespeare (well maybe close ha! Ha!) but worth a read for an inside, account of the life, loves, treats and poo bags of an urban dog walker!


p.s. I will also talk far too much about the weather… oh and poo!!!!!