My Name is Lucy French and I am originally from Dorset. I have always kept animals as pets and as well as dogs, cats and horses, I have also had rabbits and guinea pigs.

I have now been living in London for eight years and had previously worked in the city. However, my passion has always been animals and working out in the great ‘outdoors’ and this is why I decided to follow my heart.

I cannot think of anything more enjoyable or fulfilling, and a better way to spend my time then looking after and caring for all of your wonderful pets.  

I originally studied at an agricultural college (Kingston Maurwood College) where my specialist area was in Horse management and care. I gained a National Certificate and Diploma in ‘Horse management’ and also gained two British Horse Society exams.

When I finished my studies, I was very lucky to have people asking me for my help and support with their horses. I was also very lucky to own my own dogs, Blue (Collie) and Ruby (Suluki), Sadly  both my wonderful baby's  has now passed away but I still have my gorgeous girl cat Willow  who I rescued.  She is my pride and joy. I miss my doggies so much, but it is  still  a  little bit too raw for me to own another doggie, but i will in time. In the mean time i have all my four legged friends to make me smile everyday and remind me of my two. 

 I still ride and compete horses at the moment, currently riding a little mare called Montana. She is a great horse with a lovely temperament, and I am given full rein to go and ride her when I can. I take this responsibility very seriously as I know how special Montana is to her owner.  It’s just wonderful when someone trusts you with their lovely pets.

Now I have lots of wonderful pets to look after which gives me great pleasure and satisfaction